Dit zijn mijn 15 favoriete # VANLIFE Instagram accounts

Ze duiken inmiddels overal op, de vanlife Instagram accounts. En zeg nu eerlijk, foto’s van ‘vanlifers’ zijn eigenlijk altijd te gek. Als je in een camper woont en op beeld kunt vangen hoe je geniet van je vrijheid, heb je er mij al volger sowieso al erbij. In een poging ook jou te overtuigen dat je in een camper moet hebben gewoond, 15 van mijn favoriete vanlife Instagram accounts.

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Because I can wake up with views like this. 🇬🇧below ⠀ Auch zurück in Deutschland will ich weiter im Van leben. ⠀ 🚐 Weil es mich Ortsunabhängig macht 🚐 Weil ich mit wenig Zeug auskomme 🚐 Weil mein Zuhause immer dabei ist 🚐 Weil ich mit solchen Ausblicken aufwachen kann 🚐 Weil es die perfekte Kombination aus Reisen und Privatsphäre ist 🚐 Weil ich es liebe ⠀ Lebst du im Van oder könntest du es dir vorstellen? ⠀ 🇬🇧🚐🇬🇧 Even back in Germany I wanna keep living in a van. ⠀ 🚐 Because I can be location independent 🚐 Because I can live with less 🚐 Because I carry my home always with me 🚐 Because I can wake up with this kind of views 🚐 Because it's the perfect combination of travel and privacy 🚐 Because I love it ⠀ Do you live in the van or could you imagine to do it one day? ⠀ #vangirl #vanlife #backdoorview #campervan #vangirlsrule #vanconversionideas #vanlifemovement #projectvanlife #vanlifepresets #icedreampresets #presets #vangirls #campervan #camping #fulltimevanlife #vollzeitcamper #vollzeitreisen #camperlife #camperlifestyle #frauenreisen #solofemalevanlife #icedreampresets

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Hi Utah! 👋 🧗‍♀️ Do you want to back flip out of the plane? He asks calmly. I look him over. Well, really I just stare at his black shoes. It’s all I can see of him because I am tightly bound to his front torso. I hope I don’t fart. The sketchy plane climbs higher and higher as my stomach drops. But I feel his energy. Calm, collected, focused. He’s done this before. I have not. I trust him. Yes, I finally say. It’s my 25th birthday, 2009, and I, Emily King, afraid of heights and airplanes, am gonna back flip out of an airplane. Why not? ✨✨✨ The moment I back flipped with my guide changed me. I know sky diving is extreme and I am not suggesting you do it (unless it’s what you truly desire) but it did reinforce the importance of living beyond my comfort zone, of being terrified and doing it anyway. How do you live outside of your comfort zone?✨✨✨ So here I am in Moab, Utah and feeling called to get up high and face some fear. Any guides up for taking me highlining or rock climbing?

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Baja on the brain... ☀️🌊🏖 #tbt

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We dipped outta service for the last week or so, into the green hills of Tennessee and Mississippi. - I celebrated my birthday by a slate blue swimming hole. JR whittled a new spoon out of poplar wood. We soaked in the sun and I wrote poems and JR created videos of the grasses wavering in the winds. - This unplugging is a regular practice of ours. It’s a periodic detox from our digital lives, a cleansing reset that is crucial to our wellbeing and our general sanity. - As the most connected, wired humans in the history of our species, we owe ourselves this break. In order to maintain our mental health, we must practice restraint in our internet lives. We must unplug. Social media, cellphones is a tool that can be used wisely...but it is only that: a tool. And we must decide how we best utilize it. - Social media overuse is rampant and the side effects are real. The remedy to some of our most acute modern afflictions is to periodically sever our digital umbilical cords. It is only then that we can reconnect to the physical world that is our traditional home, to the melon colors of a spring sky and the dragonflies that hover over our heads....because out here, unplugged, we can relearn the true essence of our beings. #idletheory

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Know what makes you beautiful? Your youness. It’s the gold gleaming speck that shines in your eye and the warmth that radiates from each crease in your palm. It’s the way your skin smells when it’s wet, It’s your tone of tongue and the beat by which you take each step. It’s the simple silhouette of your words and the complex configuration of your character. It’s the sound of your silence, and the clamor of your thoughts. It’s your greatest fear, your sweetest dream, and the thing you love to taste the most. It’s the you-shaped hole And the world is not whole Without you to fill in that piece Which makes it all complete. It’s your favorite part of your body. It’s your favorite part of your soul. Because Your youness Is the thing That makes you beautiful.

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